Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pillow Pads

Pinterest sparked the inspiration for my kids' Christmas gift this year. I love to give something handmade if I can swing it.

Sew on Velcro was the way to go with three rectangles per pillow case.

These were not easy to find on the cheap. I needed fifteen pillowcases for my project, so the cheaper the better. Target & Ikea both have two packs for $5.99. I also purchased the pillows from Ikea at a buck a piece, that's as cheap as they come. The total cost per pillow pad ran approximately $30 bucks a pad. Not too bad considering the price of say a bean bag chair. The kids love them and it's so cute to watch them all cozy, next to one another watching a movie. I can proudly say, I pinned it from Pinterest and then I actually did it!

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