Monday, December 12, 2011

An Evening @ Five

Lucky me, I got out of the house and spent some time with a dear friend while enjoying a very delicious meal by the fire @ Five in Edmonds. If you haven't checked out Five, I recommend their caesar salad, yummy!

I think Joanna must have changed her seat about...four times. I'm so high maintenance and she appeased me. The first seat by the door I was facing a black curtain. Um, hello I need to check out the place. So, she switched seats with me. Then we moved to their outside dining, yes, in 35 degree weather. It was completely enclosed and as you can see they have ample fire to keep you warm. Then she moved to sit next to me as we could not share our amazing food across the fire.

I departed from veganism full force that evening and it was worth it! We enjoyed mini scallops in a creamy cheesy sauce, caesar salad, and pizza with red onions, goat cheese and pancetta which they toasted extra crispy before baking it on the pizza. It was all so delicious. Of course we finished it all off with a flourless chocolate espresso cake.

The best part about being in this space was we had it all to ourselves. The twinkle lights and the warm fire was all we needed. We are two busy, tired mamas!

It's good to get out and it's great to catch up with old friends. Tis the season.

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