Friday, October 28, 2011

A Fall Visit to Swansons Nursery

What to do on a Saturday in Seattle? Last fall we headed to Swanson's Nursery for some hay maze chasin', pumpkin carving and hot dogs. We decided to go again this year but skipped the hot dogs and got all fancy with lunch in the restaurant. Sometimes you just have to splurge and enjoy. Three tired kids, waiting patiently for lunch in the atrium @ Swanson's Nursery. Sarah and Sam have the same expression. There is no mistaking these kids are siblings. I love that about them!

Here's my gang, getting ready for a hayride on the John Deer tractor. This would be Sam's third hayride of the season. Maybe that's why he looks so pensive? Well, the girls look raring to go.

Sarah seems in high spirits in this moment. Maybe it's the pumpkin bracelets.

Hay girls, how's the hay maze?

Swanson's has the best displays. This garden statue caught my eye.

Or how about this lush mossy vignette?

Loving this vintage old tractor. This pic. would be fun as a fall greeting card, maybe next year? Sure, sure. I'll put that on my list of fun craft ideas. We'll see if it actually happens.

The Tractor

More Swanson eye candy

Oh my gourdness!

If you haven't checked out the gift shop area, it's a must see. Shopping amidst the plants is a nice experience. These wire candle lanterns are a fun shape.

I'll take one of each pot, please. Loving the greys and teals.

This photo is not from Swanson's Nursery, it's my neighbors porch. I would be willing to bet all the dark chocolate in my fridge that she bought the plants from Swanson's though. The display is certainly Swansonesqe.

Gift shop eye candy

Aren't these eye popping? Another neighbor did buy these and every time I drive by her house these bright orange Chinese Lanterns catch my eye and I do a double take. I love fall!

K5 (Kirch 5)

Sarah & Marin enjoying the hay maze

The Atrium Dining-a wonderful lunch spot. But, I can't help but make one small complaint. The kid's cheese quesadilla was served with a side of Lay's chips. Yep, chips. So some fat with a side of fat. Really? A bit of fruit would have been nice. Ah well.

All in all, a lovely couple hours spent enjoying fall fall and getting fresh air and one less meal to make at home, ha!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrift Store Find

Aren't these woodblock stamps cute? I found these today at my local Value Village. The kids and I will have fun making cards for all occasions with these niftly little stamps. I especially like the owl and elephant. Not bad for $2.99! Happy stamping.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where to keep pending homework?

This nifty and inexpensive idea helps keep my son's homework in one spot ready to grab. I originally spotted this craft on Pinterest and do not know of it's original post. Thanks to whomever came up with this clever catchall. Simply take a cereal box, cut the sides and glue some scrap fabric. I love that I had this numbers fabric for a homework box. Now I want to make more and in various sizes, like say a smaller box that was once held crackers.