Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Happy Accidents & Snowman Art

These made from scratch peanut butter cups are amazing! I now make them during the holidays as a nice handmade treat for friends. You can package them however you like, but don't bother too much because they will be eaten and gone quickly. I have to give them away soon after making them or I will be sure to eat them all.

These are so mouthwatering, can't stop at one, bomb diggity good!

I had lots of chocolate left over from the peanut butter cups and I couldn't toss it out. Throw out perfectly good chocolate? No way! Husband suggests, "Dip something in it". I just bought a fresh box of graham crackers, perfect. This was a very happy chocolate accident. The kids ate 'em up and I feel good that I didn't waste chocolate.

Mr. Sam Pickle brought this fun grid snowman home yesterday. I love it! Kid art is the best.

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