Saturday, November 26, 2011

A look back at fall

Finally, this weekend we cleaned up the garden, composted the pumpkins and de-decked fall decor. Fall was full of fun memories and some important milestones for our snooter pickle, Sam. Some of our fall happenings include Sam starting Kindergarten and cross country running! We started a theme dinner for Fridays-Pizza Friday. I love me some Pizza Friday-this means no cooking, easy cleaning and everyone loves a yummy pizza. Since I have become "mostly" vegan, I look forward to my pizza on Friday. Other fall memories include having a CSA box delivered bi-weekly. CSA (community supported agriculture). Then there was the pumpkin farm visit, all those fall veggies, beautiful sunny weather to play outdoors, painting with friends and of course, Thanksgiving. The kids winding down after Thanksgiving

My sister in-law's wall in her living room. There's something warm and inviting about it.

Initial Place Setting Cards

At least the kids enjoyed their pie, dinner not so much.

Potato Painting with the kids over Thanksgiving break.

Messy fun!

I simply cut up my Trader Joe's shopping bags, cut shapes in potatoes and the kids dipped them in paint poured in the re-used applesauce cups.

Enjoying pizza and hot chocolate with friends.

Playing in the leaves

Our short and simple Autumn Fun List

Store front that caught me eye, so fall.

Getting ready to roast some fall harvest.


First day of school, exciting!

Our first CSA box. Having beautiful fruits and veggies arrive on my doorstep was the best.

Leaves collected from a fall walk in the park.

Our garden visitor.

Sharing marigolds.


Cross Country with best friends is great. Pumpkin Run finished off the Cross Country season. Run through and then pick your pumpkin.

The "secret tunnel" described by Sam

Sam's stance here makes me flash forward to high school.

Picked our pumpkins

CSA in a basket

We have a huge chestnut tree in our yard. Every year we harvest them and every year I intend to roast them. They still sit on my windowsill.

Halloween party @ school. Best friends.

Turkey Punk!

More fall painting with friends.

Dinner Club

This was a random fall vignette. I put the doorknob rack on the table to glue one of the knobs that fell off and it all sort of worked for me so I snapped a photo.

Hope your fall was memorable. It's the little things that mean the most like walks in the parks, fresh vegetables, sunny days in the garden and sharing time together. I'm thankful for all the wondeful fall memories we have made this year. Now on to the Christmas season! I'm trying to kindle the Christmas spirit, but I'm not quite there yet. Any tips to get in the holiday spirit?