Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Sugar

Another day in the life of a sleepwalker. I think my positive attitude really helped yesterday as the day went well. Sam was mostly a lovely child to be around and I even finished a few decorations for the girls' birthday party this weekend. Can't wait to make their birthday cakes. Exercise did not make the cut, but I did organzie a new bulletin board I created inside a kitchen cabinet. I placed four cork squares inside a kitchen cabinet door so I could move some of the endless paperwork that ends up piled up on our counter. Not a novel idea, totally been done before, but that fact that I followed through with a project is so satisfing. Motivation!

Monday, February 22, 2010

this needed to be posted larger, too cool


Okay, so what do you think of this lovely photo. Not mine, these nets are for sale @ West End, a very cool website/catalogue with sustainable material goods. This photo just grabs me. It's my image of the day.

Today, it's all breezy. Even though I'm terribly tired, girls up many times last night, I am going to have a breezy attitude, try and get outside for some fresh air, no yelling at Sam and just have a productive day.

Welcome to Facebook

Welcome to Facebook

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gripes, Wipes, so she Types

Went to a fortieth birthday party ta-ta-mi style. Dinner was lots of fun, but found my demeanor to be a bit surly. I am tired, cranky and need a serious re-charge. When asked how my kids are I responded with comments like, "He's a pain in the ass" and "I'm done!". Game plan is; more sleep, a layed out schedule, more exercise and infuse creativity. That's the goal. I'm guessing that list looks fairly similar for mothers everywhere, am I right? On a lighter note, some inspiring photos from a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest yesterday. I am such a sucker for inspiring images, but what to do with them? Aha! Post them to a blog.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daily Sugar

Today is a beautiful sunny day! Must try and get outside with the whole family. Went shopping for birthday presents for the girls yesterday and thought better of it. I mean they are turing one and everything I saw that might be fun...they already have a perfectly fine version. Silliness. I will focus on two fabulous cakes and good food for our guests. Organization is on my mind!

Welcome to Facebook

Welcome to Facebook

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Started

Where to begin. I wrote a few words yesterday, ya know to get goin' with this whole blogging thing. I'm tossed up about whether or not to have a creative/decor type blog or blog about my three little cupcakes. A.k.a my toddler son and three daughters. Oh, the lamenting, the proud moments the stories I have to share. I think they may be two separate blogs. Anyone care to comment? I'm having trouble just figuring out how to set my page and post my link elsewhere, i.e. facebook page. HELP!

Well, mini fires to put out and oh, yeah, should I get out of my p.j.s at some point? I know I'd feel better. At least all the children are dressed and ready for???? Do most moms have a plan for every day pre-school years? I'm tired.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Play Day

Today was a great day! Beautiful sunshine on a winter's day filled with fresh air, friends and fun. If I can get my cupcakes outside it makes all the difference in the world. Thank God for friends to share the day. A walk in the park, playing on the playground, throwing rocks on the beach and I even got myself moving a little bit. The rest is gravy.