Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day

Snow day in Seattle! Here are some pictures of our sledding adventures today and some snow eye candy from Pinterest.

Some adorable snow animals, human etc.

I'm so proud of my Sam pickle. He was ready to go in after just a short time outdoors and then the neighbors saved the day with their enticing snow boogie boards and jump hills. He was sledding like a big boy when all was said and done.

After a solid hour, yep, that's right just an hour. With two almost three year olds and a brother that doesn't like the snow on his skin (oh good Lord the whining) we had to get inside after one hour. Hot chocolate for everyone. I was really wishing we had some liquor to spike those drinks. Maybe it's time to stock some liquor, I am after all almost...I can't even say the number, it's freaking me out. The big one ladies...the major birthday is approaching. Let's move on- I can barely stomach the thought, remember-I don't have any liquor in the house.

Wonder where this is. Can you imagine driving
through this?

Feeling couped up yet, Seattle? I guess it could be worse, we could be stuck here. Maybe that's just what I need. An isolated shanty in the woods to hear myself think.

Well, after a day in the snow I have a
mental snow gear list I want/need for myself for next year. I'm pretty sure I have been making this list for several years now, and seem to get by with the gear I have, but if I had to venture outside my neighborhood, it would be a different story.

1)I wore my Crocs rainboots, which worked, but any longer than an hour and my toes would have started to get cold. I would really like some serious snow boots.

2) Snow pants. I squeezed into some old snow pants I have had for years. I can't even zip them up, yet they stay on quite well. Luckily my jacket covers them. I thought it was funny and had to show my neighbor gal friend. Yeah, probably ought to have snow pants that actually fit properly.

3) Plastic saucers or sleds. The old vintage Radio Flyer sled just doesn't cut it, it's really more for an icy surface. Thank goodness for neighbors with big boys who share their toys.

4) Can you guess what my fourth snow item that I mu
st have for next year? Liquor of course!

Well, it looks like another snow day tomorrow. I think I'll be all set with snow days after tomorrow and ready to get back to routine. Maybe we will make a snowman? If you have any fun ideas for indoor activities to keep the tots busy, please share! Happy snow days.

*All professional images copied via Pinterest*

Monday, January 16, 2012

My New Puppy

Which is a photo, on a card, from the store! He's so cute that I couldn't resist. I have been craving a little puppy love lately. We would like to have a new dog in our family, but alas puppy love will have to wait a few more years. We have enough poop in our life with two tots still in diapers and two cats. Until then, I pin warm fuzzy animals on Pinterest.

This was our dog Harry, he was giving Sam a smooch. He was a big boy, our Fozzy Bear. We miss him.

Stay cozy-it's chilly out there!