Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY Crayons

Christmas Vacation means finding activities to keep the tots busy. Last week we made circle crayons with our large tub of broken crayons that I was so tempted to toss in the trash, but alas reused. How green of me right? It kept them all busy
for a short time, sorting and filling the tins with the broken bits.

The girls had fun stacking and re-stacking and simply making crayon towers rather than coloring with them like their brother. No matter, they had fun and thought it was pretty interesting that the broken crayons were transformed into circle crayons.

Think of all the shapes you could make depending on your mold. It would be fun to package the crayons up in a fun way and add a coloring book for a DIY gift. Got any broken crayons around? Don't toss them reuse and repurpose. Happy melting.

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