Sunday, January 8, 2012

Organization Ideas

I have organization on the brain. I want to clear out the crap and organize every closet, cupboard and drawer in my home. It's all a bit overwhelming, so instead I surf the blogs & Pinterest and see what other creative people have come up with to organize their home. There is a lot of great inspiration out there and I hope to implement one or two of these ideas...eventually. If only there was an extra day in the week. Do you have any great organizing tips you would like to share?

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Doesn't this look like a nice outdoor storage solution?
Seems like an awfully nice shelf to have outside, but if you found a thrift store shelf and spruced it up, that would be practical. I love the galvanized buckets.

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This is genius. Click on link above for tutorial on how to make. Makeit-loveit used fabric to wrap the plastic. This is a fab. DIY for gifts. Who doesn't have an IPod, phone or something they need to charge? I'm saving my next empty bottle of baby wash or lotion and I am going to give this project a go.

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Pretty & Practical

I love this idea to save space and it's perfect for my kids' bathroom.

I've seen these spice organizers at Storables. I want one asap.

So much crap, so little space.

I wish I had room outdoors or a covered area outdoors for such creative & attractive storage. During the warmer months the outdoor toys, balls etc. makes me crazy. I don't want toys strewn all over my lawn. Ya know, same as the inside of the house, pick up your toys!

A very attractive closet. I like the use of curtains instead of doors.

Now, if you have this many cats to have bigger issues. Two cats is probably enough people. And of course, we don't store our cats. But, they're cute, right?

It is my goal to create these bins or a space for them. Very organized indeed.

These shelves are so clean & organized. I want my closet to look this perfect. Oh, well yeah it's Martha Stewart, no wonder. Dreamy.

Found this on Pinterest, love the chalkboard labels. These look like Ikea bins w/out the lids.

Hope this inspires you to clear some clutter and get organized in a creative way. Please do share any tips you may have on organizing.

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  1. I love that outdoor storage rack with the galvanized tubs! I can imagine all the kids balls, buckets, trucks and whatever else put away there.