Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Fashion

Last week I received the latest Nordstrom catalog, and I have to say it had me wanting more. More fashion please! Something about nearing the end of winter and the hope of spring makes me crave new clothes. Being a stay at home mom (gag, that term irks me) I don't have disposable income for frivolous spending, i.e. new high-priced fashion. But alas, I can still crave it, peruse the latest catalogs and dream of a day when I'm able to indulge and wear such fashion. For now, it's whatever can wash and wear easily. It's preschool drop off and park attire for this fashionista.
Now here's a jacket that could very well be appropriate for my life, but...too $$.

Love me some gingham check

I want, I need, I have to have.

Beautiful handbags are but a faded memory for me.


Fancy makeup, for what? How practical when I'm wiping drool and snot off my face from tots all day long.

Maybe for a night out with the ladies?

Fun eye wear for the sunny days ahead.

Gorgeous! I would probably break my ankle and really can't see myself chasing twins with these on, but...oh so pretty.

A wedding, Easter, a spring/summer party?

Drinks with the ladies, date night (another term that makes me gag).

Love this dress, love it.

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