Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chalkboard Platter

While I realize that this is not an original idea, I am proud to have finally followed through with the project. This was so incredibly simple and I now have a fun, new menu board for the kitchen. Now when the the Mr. gets home he can glance at the new menu board and either pitch in to help get the menu on the table or at least know what to expect for dinner.
This was $9.99 at Home Depot and can be used for many more chalkboard projects. We painted the back of our front door with this paint and it's super fun to draw and write messages. Pics. to come another day.

I found this on clearance and then more clearance at Fred Meyer. I paid a mere $3.00 for this dinner plate. I taped off the edges with painters tape, used a sponge brush to paint the chalkboard paint on and let dry. Viola, a chalkboard platter. I bought a few extra plates to make as gifts for friends and hostess gifts. Happy platter hunting. Marshall's and Ross have plates on clearance for dirt cheap FYI.

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