Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Barn House

Last summer my good friend Mrs. Kopp and I went to our first antique outdoor market @ Barn House. I'm sure a lot of you bloggers are familiar with the vintage extravaganza that is held annually in Battleground, WA. We had so much fun and the inspiration was endless. It's a must go, see and shop for this year, too. Even if you're not buying, it's worth the trip. The displays and vignettes get the inspiration and creative juices flowing. It's truly a delight and a trip to the country is always good for the soul. The photo below was a bit of a detour from our destination. Us city gals got a little lost out on those back country roads. We didn't mind.

Mrs. Kopp thought this nest was fun and an idea to jump start a theme for her laundry room. Later that day she bought an adorable bird painting.

Fun scissor display

One of the many vintage bike displays. What is it about bikes that I like so much?

So...hearth and home.

Love this display!

Wish I had these metal chairs.

Vintage suitcase stacked are so great...where could I put them?

Yep, Barn House is on my mind. Looking forward to planning our next trip.

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