Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Play Date Kid Project

I found this crafty project on Clover Lane's blog, check her out. She is an inspiring mom. We have been having play dates and the little rascals can qet squirmy, loud and downright crazy! So on our last rainy day play date I put the monkeys to work on a little birdfeeder project. I would say this project ate up about thiry minutes...I'll take it! Breaking the time up for various projects, snacks and play is key to not loosing your mind on a play date. Finished Birdfeeder. Sam and I...okay actually I hung the feeders up the next afternoon. The large pincone was too heavy and fell behind a fence, but...maybe the birds like to snack on the ground. Free birdseed for any critter walking the fence.
Rolling the slathered peanut butter pinecone through the birdseed.

Spreading the peanut butter.

The supplies

Ready to get to work!
This is not only easy, it's cheap. Get it, cheap?
Birdseed, $1.99
Peanut Butter, $1.69
Pincones, backyard. These were in a bag in my garage.
Floral Wire, Stashed in my crap room. I mean craft room.

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