Thursday, January 27, 2011

Books, Books and Sequestered Nooks

I may not be the mom who wants to play all the time, but I'm usually up for some reading. Don't ask me to sit around and play trains, I really don't want to. But, bring me a book and let's get cozy and read. It seems there's a lot of pressure for moms to play with their children all the live long day. When exactly are we supposed to prepare dinner and fold that laundry? Yep, these days it's play, play, play and have a list of activities for the kids when you are done playing. I'm all for spending time with my children, please don't get me wrong. I simply don't want to play with them all day. Some moms may get a kick out of playing trains, running around the playground, pretending to be a pirate, you name it. I admire your energy, truly. I'm the mom who likes to read. What are your favorite children's books?
All this reading is exhausting.

Who doesn't love the Bearnstein Bears?

Turning the pages with two babies on your lap is a challenge, but I think I've figured it out!

A book for all situations.

You've got to start reading when they are young! They still love "Hello Bee".

These books were daddies when he was a boy.

"What is it mom, I'm busy reading".

Sam with his selection of books.

Reading is reading whatever you read. Sam's first flight, getting all the information. Sam really likes to have information, always has.

One eye will do just fine.

"Ten Rubber Duckies" is one of Marin's favorites.

Books, books and sequestered nooks.

Great Grandpa Bradford reading to Sam.

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