Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gripes, Wipes, so she Types

Went to a fortieth birthday party ta-ta-mi style. Dinner was lots of fun, but found my demeanor to be a bit surly. I am tired, cranky and need a serious re-charge. When asked how my kids are I responded with comments like, "He's a pain in the ass" and "I'm done!". Game plan is; more sleep, a layed out schedule, more exercise and infuse creativity. That's the goal. I'm guessing that list looks fairly similar for mothers everywhere, am I right? On a lighter note, some inspiring photos from a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest yesterday. I am such a sucker for inspiring images, but what to do with them? Aha! Post them to a blog.

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  1. I think the small period of time you have with your babies is so special and saying that to a sleep-deprived parent sounds kinda lame, but I hope you will always be able to see the bigger picture and count your blessings everyday for healthy, loud, sweetly innocent pre-schoolers. All too soon, they become that independent, self-contained child who won't let you kiss them good-bye at the school drop-off and walk away from you FAST without looking back because they are afraid you'll blow them a kiss. So love those babies and toddlers for the opportunity to grab kisses and smell their hair and kiss their toes! Time takes it away all too soon.