Monday, February 6, 2012

Kindergarten Valentine

We are ready for Sam's Kindergarten Valentines Day Party!

I kept it simple this year, all Sam had to do for his classmate's valentines was sign his name. He seemed okay with that simple task. For his teachers Sam painted his hands and stamped them on some paper which I cut out and wrapped around some hand lotion. I know I never have enough hand lotion around.

All I did was cut out some triangles, wrote a message (yeah, I know it's quick and dirty), Sam signed his name and I used glue dots to secure the triangle flag to the top of the pencil.

For the teacher's valentine first Sam stamped his hands in paint. Next step was to cut out his hands and glue them on to heavier paper. Next I wrote a message and taped around a travel size bottle of lotion. So simple, so easy. That's it, do you have any clever valentines ideas that are simple and quick?

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