Friday, November 18, 2011

Moms and Toddlers Invade Ikea

Four of us moms ventured to Ikea with our two year olds and shopped 'till we dropped-all of us! Who knew Ikea could be such a fun playdate? A $3.25 breakfast, toddler size shopping carts for the tots to fill soft, plush stuffed animals of all variety and shopping for the mamas. These are the curtains I bought to hang in my girls room once we transition to big girl beds. I also bought the black and white abc bedding t coordinate. I love the sketch style trees, branches and birds.

Fill those carts kiddos.

Cute, right? But, maybe too cute for me.

Snack time, everyone pile in.

Good times @ Ikea with friends.

Here is the ABC bedding.

How cute is this car filled with animals? These kiddos are even cuter.

These girls decided to take a quick nap under the leaf curtains before powering through more shopping. That shaggy carpet looks like a nice place for a rest. Oh, to be two.

Ikea trays, I want them all. The birds would be fun to have for kids, perhaps gathering craft supplies from cupboard to table? Maybe serving them their hot chocoloate and popcorn?

fun pink stripes

I would love to curl up in this peaceful room.

What a sophisticated big boy room for Sam someday?

Marin couldn't put enough animals in her cart. She's definitely a shopper.

Sarah's leading the shoppers and loving it. "C'mon guys, let's keep shopping. There are some alligators ahead."

Toddler Time @ Ikea

Marin, Leo, Lauren & Sarah

I dream about a kitchen lke this. So clean, so fresh so nice.

These play kitchens are so sweet.

Thanks Ikea, for having us.

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